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We are here for forward thinking organisations, who want to ensure human resources sustainability and ethical reputation, by making the right choices and decisions when it comes to their employees, in a way that is cost effective and supportive.

Perfect for businesses who want to speed up their strategic decision-making or improve human resource management, SHRC, with up-to-date CIPD accredited expertise and understanding of current trends, offers trust and sector-leading support.

We provide best practice, easy to implement and innovate solutions, while considering the impact business decisions will have on employees and future talent – the people who matter.

Welcome to Synchrony HR Consulting

About Our Founder

I’m Heidi Riezzo, an experienced HR professional and the founder of Synchrony HR Consulting. I have a solid academic background and accreditation in Human Resource Management, Psychology and Education. To complement this, my experience in and passion for delivering success in areas such as Talent Attraction and Retention, Equality, Diversity & Inclusion and Compassionate Leadership, means I can bring a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the table. I’m keen to foster inclusive workplace practices as well as driving employee well-being, all while promoting sustainable HRM principles and driving business success.

Qulaifications & Awards

BA (Hons) Psychology, PGCE
HR Professional-Associate CIPD, MSc. HRM (Distinction)

Service Pillars

In order to help you prevent HR issues, reduce employee turnover, improve employee satisfaction and performance levels at work, we offer support on a range of HR issues. This will help you achieve your organisational objectives through your people. Services are tailored to meet the unique needs of each client, and may include:


• Compassionate Leadership; Training and development
• Psychometrics behaviour and motivation profiling
• Bespoke projects

HR Stratgegic

• Planning and supporting restructures
• EVP and talent strategy
• Designing career pathways, competency frameworks

HR Management

• Employee engagement strategy
• Pay and grading structure/review
• Enhancing your employee benefits schemes

HR Advisory

• Providing HR advice via telephone, email or face to face
• Supporting with management of people issues; absenteeism, grievance etc

HR Administrative

• Introducing HR systems and processes
• HR policies, procedures, contracts, employee handbook, documentation templates

Our Mission

With Synchrony HR Consulting, my mission is clear:
To help businesses align their organisational objectives and workplace values with employee satisfaction, wellbeing and performance.

By collaborating with Synchrony HR Consulting, you can ensure not only the smooth operation of your business but also the creation of a workplace where employees thrive. With my commitment to best practice and sustainable HRM principles, I provide timely and appropriate advice, guidance, collaboration, and support to help businesses achieve purposeful and inclusive growth and prosperity, thus setting me apart as a trusted partner for businesses seeking long-term success.

Our Values

Integrity & Sustainable Practice = Results Focused Success

  • CIPD accredited
  • Professional at all times
  • Act with compassion to connect, communicate, collaborate, create
  • Provide sustainable solutions
  • Advocate Meaningful Work
  • Drive Diversity and Belonging

I can offer you…

  • A collaborative working relationship
  • Release of your time so you can grow your business
  • Peace of mind with reliable knowledge and expertise

What matters to your people matters to your business…

How to get the expertise you need